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In 2006, EPL began actively developing its own jewelry production. The company attracted the best craftsmen from all over world and continues to update its jewelry designs with new models.



For the longest time in the jewelry industry, nickel alloys were used to make white gold. However, after the World Health Organization concluded that nickel may cause allergies, and after the adoption of European standard EN 1811:2011, which prohibited the use of nickel not only in jewelry, but also restricted its use in everyday items (buttons, zippers, clasps, etc.), EPL DIAMOND began actively searching for an alternative to nickel. The oxidation that occurred when the nickel came into contact with oxygen, causing the quality of the goods to suffer, also served as a stimulus for the company to move in this direction.


The company's management decided to switch to a palladium alloy of its own design as part of the Nickel FREE strategy. The choice of palladium was justified by the fact that it has all the advantages of other precious metals and at the same time, lacks many of their disadvantages. Palladium is much lighter than platinum, so even large jewelry, especially earrings, won't cause discomfort when worn. Palladium surpasses gold in strength, which is important when setting large stones. Jewelry made of palladium does not tarnish or darken with time, and does not require a jewelry varnish protective coating, unlike jewelry containing nickel. In addition, it is hard-wearing, scratch-resistant, and deformation-resistant. But most importantly, unlike nickel, palladium does not cause allergies.Although the palladium alloy is more expensive and more difficult to process, EPL DIAMOND has switched to using it in a white gold ligature without raising the price for customers. EPL DIAMOND is committed to ensuring the safety of its customers. Today, company specialists are fully confident that none of their jewelry products cause allergic reactions.


One important factor in the company's growth is our reliable warranties that allow our customers to enjoy the world's finest EPL jewelry throughout its entire lifecycle. The sophisticated raw material selection system, quality control department, and accounting system have made it possible to guarantee the highest quality of each piece of jewelry from EPL.

Our and our franchise's pricing policies, as well as our production facilities, guarantee that you receive a direct wholesale price, which allows us to offer the best price possible. We are confident in the quality of our product, which is why we provide a 2-year warranty from date of purchase.

An additional guarantee of authenticity called the EPL Code has been created, thanks to which EPL customers are able to verify that the product they receive was created by EPL jewelers, cutters, designers, and other specialists by visiting the official website and entering the EPL Code in a special section of the website.


We work to ensure that the high-quality fine jewelry, customer support and atmosphere of Happiness from EPL capture the hearts of people all over the Earth!

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